Sunday, February 15, 2009

multiple guess: what caused the flood?

It's been a week and a day after that destructive deluge in Dumaguete and after all the flood stories have been told, damages assessed, cost of repair calculated, wits regrouped and everything wet air-dried, it's time for the why-speculations to surface.

Why, oh, why did that totally unexpected, highly improbable disaster befall Dumaguete? These are the reasons I heard and overheard this past week. Take your pick.

1. Too many roads being built without any proper drainage system

2. Rapid population growth with concomitant environmental pollution (clogging of canals and waterways)

3. Rampant kaingin and illegal logging in the mountains of Negros resulting in erosion and landslides

4. Global warming/climate change

5. Poor city planning

6. Mga buluyagon man gud ang mga Dumagueteno.

7. This one I heard at the tiangge: A kataw or serena (mermaid) was accidentally caught in some fishermen's net and the kataw cried and cried, begging to be returned to sea. But instead, she was sold to a fahrener (foreigner) for 100 thousand pesos. The kataw eventually died of kaguol (sadness) and the kataw's clan sent the flood to avenge the demise of one of their kind.

8. Another version: Same as above but with a twist in the middle. The kataw was sold to the SU Marine Laboratory for research purposes.

9. Still another twist to the story: Same as above but the kataw was admitted at the SU Medical Center. One of our nurses, who was wearing her hospital uniform and ID while riding a pedicab today, was asked by a fellow passenger if this was indeed true.

What do you think is the correct answer?


Robert said...

I'm voting for the mermaid story.....can't decide which one.

backpacklife said...

naa pa jud pahabul doki:

#10. diha kunoy buhawi nga mibugwak ug tubig mao tung mibaha ug maayo matud pa sa among cook. ako gipangutana kung diha bay eyewitness, tag naa unsay tubag? hehe

ness said...

Hi Robert,

Now nobody can say the Dumaguetenos do not have a creative imagination!

Hey RV,

Unsa ng buhawi?! Mura ug bu-a-ya crocodile? Kung mao, lagmit ang eyewitness natukob na!

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

dr. ness,

dungog pd ko ani, ingon ko too ko kung makita nako.
naa daw sa su-marine lab....

kataw/anan sa////

regards.....dia ko sa near sa nat.bookstore/su....

karon pa ko ka lantaw internet,
wa man connection akong sister ee...

see you soon....

ness said...

Mao! Nahimong kataw-anan! Hay, maayo gyud ning taga Dumaguete magimbento ug estorya, dah.