Monday, March 2, 2009

fave hang out: shakey's

Here's SUHS Batch '78 again at Shakey's Dumaguete this evening.

(cw)Grace B., John Joseph, Ariel and wife, Chona, Diana C.

(ccw) Mike Du, Abbe, Zenovia, Chona K., Luis (partially hidden), Eugene N., ako, Marie, Eric. L., Tatoy, Edu

not the usual suspects, l-r

Chona and Ariel Florendo (from NSO Dgte)
Mike Du (all the way from Polomolok, Gen San)
Diana (from Manila, visiting daughter in SU)
*John Joseph (from Stockton, Ca) * tonight's sponsor

Though we were really happy to be with each other again after not having gathered for a while, the smiles for the pictures had to be coaxed out of most everyone. For the tone of the evening was quite somber and talk was mostly about unpleasant topics like (1) the spate of killings in the city, (2) the "price range" of hired guns, (3) the proliferation of illegal practices in Dumaguete and Negros Oriental because the "masterminds" are very rich and able to buy off the police, the military and the judiciary, (4) the recent nationwide bank fiasco, (5) how bad the economy is in America (this one from John), (6) illnesses, (7) people we know who are now "in-between-jobs" and for the boys, (8) business ventures and (9) the upcoming 2010 national and local elections. And, yeah, (10) the very recent threatening call to one of the hospitals here where the caller said another doctor is going to be %#@* soon. What's the world coming to, Mama?

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