Saturday, April 18, 2009

bodies of water

The hotter summer gets, the more I am attracted to bodies of water. Doc Geena kindly calls me 'tanned' which is a nice way of saying 'lagum na ka, doc', lagum being a yuckky kind of tan caused by pool chemicals as I've been swimming more in pools than in the ocean.

After twelve laps at the Teves Aqua Center this morning (my ambition is 32 laps for a mile-long swim bwahaha), I was still hungry for more water. Thus a trek to Casaroro Falls, which is just so near our house, began, but was aborted before the 300-step descent into the valley as it was raining moderately and I could not risk breaking some bones on those slippery slopes.

I loved hiking in the rain but was worried for the camera in my backpack. Then I saw three lads holding big anahaw leaves over their heads. What a brilliant idea! I quickly got myself a big banana leaf and viola! Instant umbrella.

Driving home, I remembered our OR nurse, Nimrod, telling us about a private house that opened their big pool to the public so I checked it out as it was along the way to our house. Here it is, the Huiz Pool Swim Park.

They have a big adult pool (8 feet deep on one end) and a smaller kiddie pool plus a little waterfalls. My nieces and nephews would love this place! And so near our residences. In their manicured garden, they have cottages for rent at 200 to 1000 pesos per unit. Guests can bring food or barbecue food there but drinks have to be bought from them. Entrance fee is 75 pesos for adults and 50 pesos for children.

Location is along the Cadawinonan-Talay Road, just beyond Silliman Heights and The Gardens Memorial Park. Contact 420-1397 for reservations.


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

nindot sa?

nya maka dala ra ug foods.....
galing ang drinks, ila ta palit.

kalas, mahal ang

pero nindot n clean gyd.

thanks for sharing

ness said...

Ok na lang, kay barato ra man ila drinks, mao-mao ra pud sa sari-sari store. maybe this week we will have a picnic there.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

mao ba, kung pareha sa sari-sari store ang price ok kaayo.

nindot bitaw ang park-pool nila, clean pa kayo, nindot kayo ug landscaping gyd.

ang pool gapanawag gyd....

maayo magpicnic mo, kanindot sa weather ron diha, init-warm.

diri, ambot makalibog ang weather, hasta ang mga tawok diri makalibog pd ang kinaiya.....heheheheh

jokes pa lagi....kung naa daw sa mga people diri, abot sa pikas gyd.

kung ngitngit-ulan.....ang faces daw di madrawing.........heheheheh

hala uy..........sorry

cgi, magkuri-kuri sa ko diri.
back to school na pd ang kids,
tapos bernie back to wrks na pod.

back to----alone na pd ko!!!!!

have a nice Monday.