Tuesday, April 28, 2009

focus, focus, focus

Today I promised myself that I would stop thinking about lakwacha and adventures and concentrate instead on the many lectures for the day. It took some effort but the good lecturers and the interesting topics helped and I learned a lot of really useful medical things.

During the latter half of the afternoon, a certain company was enthusiastically demonstrating a new (and very expensive) product, The Power Lab, which included hardware and software that are used for physiology experiments. They have a new program that is much more user-friendly than the older version. I've been specifically sent to this convention to learn how to use this new gadget, a daunting task for me because I am not really into techno stuff. So we've come up with good arrangement: the company's techno support will be coming to Dumaguete next month to better explain and demonstrate all the hows and whereofs regarding The Power Lab.

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