Monday, April 6, 2009

Lives and Letters

Ang letrang “I

Who am I?
I am many things and I am no thing.
I am many personas and I am no one.
I am not my curriculum vitae. I am more than that.
And also less than that.
My birth certificate declares
My age as almost half a century.
Though my body agrees
My mind protests, a quarter only!
My soul suggests I actually am
A thousand years older by far.
So don’t ask me again. Because I can’t answer you.
As I’m not so sure myself.

Hi, Gaya, this is my “drama” contribution to the MD Lives and Letters TBR you are hosting. Hehehe. Maybe tomorrow I’ll come up with a more conventional entry. Depends on the weather. I write on a mood basis kasi. Char.


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

good noon, dra.

Who I am?--------

i am many things, and i am no thing.....

I´m not so sure myself, don´t ask............


the philippine daily idiot said...

half a century. altho i see the clues everywhere in ur blog, i really didn't do the math. now ur telling us doc. hehehehe.

aw, i guess i'll never be a poet. been lurking lang muna. a holy week ahead!

ness said...

hi vicki,

thanks for visiting!

ness said...

Yes, Meloinks,

Tapos na ako sa denial stage and have now moved on to blissful acceptance. ::sigh:: ;-p

ness said...

(minutes later)

"Nooo! Hindi pa ako tapos sa denial stage! Quarter (pounder?) lang! Quarter of a century lang!"
- Said Persona 2

"In your dreams, baby."
- Said Persona 3

Get the picture?

J.A. said...

Multi-personality disorder diay ka, Doc Ness! Hehehehe...
If you ever find yourself in Cebu for one reason or another, would love to meet you in person, and I promise, no discussion about numbers... hehehehe...

ness said...

You got the diagnosis right down pat, JA! ;-p

Wouldn't that be great?! A Cebu EB for the TBR bloggers! Convention! Convention!

the philippine daily idiot said...

hehehe. i thought u don't look the part, doc.

Bonnie M. said...

Strange but I've been seriously thinking about this half a century old thing too. Like you, I'd be 50 soon, in 3 years time pa naman...

It has been weeks now since I've been cracking my head to come up with answers to self-imposed questions like- What have I done with my life? Have I made the right choices in life? Did I live my life the way I should have?

Hay, we're getting old Mel. One thing is for sure though- talagang batchmates tayo hehe

ness said...


I don't look half a century old kasi ang totoo I'm just 47 (grabe, niladlad na talaga) like my classmate here...


As Socrates said, "The unexamined life is not worth living." In modern day parlance, that is called middle age eclavu. hehehe.

the philippine daily idiot said...


btw, doc ness, r u also named mel?

ness said...


we're friends baya in Facebook. my real name is maria carmelita. tan-awa didto.

the philippine daily idiot said...

o nga no. thought it's one of ur nomes de guerre.

Ligaya said...

Waaah! Not following instructions ka doc! Hahaha, but I'm GLAD you didn't. Cool poem!

Round-up is at

Thank you kaayo for contributing. :-)

Bitaw doc TBR EB ta!

Em Dy said...

Love how you answered Gaya's question. Aren't we all confused!

ness said...


it's a nome de plume.


ness said...

Heehaa Gaya,

Op cors, gusto ko maging iba. In oder words, weird.


ness said...

Sshh, Doc Em!

Atin-atin lang 'to. Our patients must think we are never, ever confused. ;-)

MerryCherry, MD said...

Galing mo talaga magsulat Doc.

Favorite line ko-- I am not a curriculum vitae, I am more not that. Sometimes, in our field, we tend to see people by their CVs. :) It's an insightful line.

ness said...

Salamat, Merry Cherry,

and welcome back to Pinas!

Uyy... sinusubaybayan kita sa Facebook. :-)

myorthodoc said...

Ahm...actually, I'm not only confused Ness, rather bewildered. Why on earth I am still excitingly following your posts when my nose bleeds from your poems and prose, my brain edematous from absorbing thoughts beyond what it can fathom?

Mind over body over age???

ness said...

Waheehaa, Doc Rems!

Never mind if you don't understand, basta friends pa rin tayo, oks na yan!

Cheers to our TBR Father!