Monday, April 20, 2009

Look, Ma, No Chemicals!

If you like fresh air, lots of trees, mountain hiking, swimming in crystal clear spring waters, then Balanan Lake is the place for you! As it is for me. So very, very so! I Lurvve this place.

Top: The spillway from the lagoon
Middle: Lake Balanan
Bottom: Pristine spring water in layers of infinity pools down the sloping hillside

I've heard a lot about Balanan Lake already but somehow never got the compulsion to go there. Until I saw Dr. Mark Macias' fabulous Balanan photos in Facebook.

So we went up to the mountains of Siaton last Sunday and loved every minute of it. Including the sweat-breaking, lung-expanding mountain trek. And crossing the lake via the hand-pulled bamboo raft! We weren't able to reach the Balanan waterfalls but next time, next time, definitely.


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

diha pa ko, baling imbitar nila sa akoa nga mangadto kono mi diri, dala duaw sa among lola.....sister sa among lola gyd.

gusto ko pero, mao lagi ang akong tyan.

mao wa gyd ko kalaag dha.

thanks for sharing.

ness said...

Hi Vicki,

thank you...

got your message also...

pehpot said...

lurve ko na rin sya agad agad.. san ito?

Make or Break

ness said...

Hi Pehpot,

Lake Balanan is in mountains of Siaton, Negros Oriental. Siaton is a town 51 kilometers from Dumaguete City then Lake Balanan is 10 kilometers from the highway.

Super ganda doon kasi nature na nature tapos merong mga facilities that make humans comfortable and fun like comfort rooms, a restaurant, boat rides, raft rides and many more.

Punta kayo dito!