Thursday, May 14, 2009

mind boggling

What the freakin' thing is happening to the streets of Dumaguete??

Everywhere (well, almost) the asphalt roads have been dug up. Simultaneously, it seems, judging by the horrendous traffic jams in unexpected places, like the boulevard!

There has to be a logical explanation to this madness: digging up roads, to the north, south and center of the city. All at about the same time. Yet there are long stretches of road that have been dug up for months now, like the road in front of the Ceres Terminal in Calindagan, but no work has been done to finish cementing that road. When it rains the road gets muddy and just the other night, there was delivery van that got stuck in the mud for hours.

One cannot help but wonder, whose brilliant idea was this? To dig and dig long stretches of road instead of digging and cementing shorter stretches so that the roads can be passable faster?

An interesting note: when the roads are built by the government agencies, the construction takes ages and ages. When the roads are built by private companies, the road becomes passable in a month or so.

Bakit ganoon?


tsinkoy said...

It's the elections! It's time that the congressional pork barrel has to be emptied out again, this time to show to the world that the powers that be have done something in the past 3 years.

No other way to show that better than letting the people suffer by digging up perfectly good roads and then filling them up with concrete so we, the people, can have perfectly good roads again.

ness said...