Thursday, June 11, 2009

biggest and oldest

They say this is the biggest and oldest tree in the island of Negros: a Dalakit or Balete tree estimated to be more than a thousand years old, in Canlaon City, home of the famous Canlaon Volcano, which every now and spews steam and ash from its peak, which at 8,086 feet (2,465 m), is the highest point in the Visayas.

photo by Dr. Michael Oliveros, our surgery resident

Some say Canlaon Volcano is 'not restive' meaning it is not showing any signs of unrest.
Some say it is one of the most active volcanoes in the Philippines.

Some say it takes 42 people holding hands together to go around the massive trunk of this tree. Some say it takes 20 people to do that.

Some say Canlaon belongs to Negros Oriental.
Some say Canlaon belongs to Negros Occidental.

Some even say that the old balete tree is enchanted.
Some say it is just the fireflies that give it a magical glow at night.

I wonder which is fact
and which is fiction
or just plain confusion.

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