Friday, June 19, 2009

it's that time of year

It's mid-June and this has been quite an overwhelming week, especially for our first year students who were in a sort of 'culture shock' as they quickly realized that medical school is not like anything they've ever tried before. It is both a privilege and a heart-pain for me to see the young hopefuls, so eager and excited to come to school, and see the growing horror in their faces as reading assignments, exams, names of all the bones and cells in the body, enzymes and chemical reactions, and all other bodily what-nots, are summarily dumped upon them one after the other, morning and afternoon, all the days of their first week in school.

I don't know how many of them will finish to become MDs, or even finish this semester, so daunted have some of them become. I try to encourage them, with this and with that. One thing for sure, it's too early to quit, yet!

As for the teacher in me, I've been swimming in Guyton's first three chapters these past days, with mitotic spindles and polymerases floating in my conscious and subconscious realms, thus the images in yesterday's post. Each year I read the chapters anew, surf the net for better images for my powerpoint presentations, and write a whole new lecture all over again. There's always something new I learn each time, something that was overlooked or did not stand out previously or even something I had not fully understood. Amidst all the novel realizations, an old theme remains, we have been 'fearfully and wonderfully made' and I am just awed, awed, awed.


tsinkoy said...

I'm going through the same thing. I'm teaching two classes, Cell and Molecular Biology and Microbiology, at NORSU, and I am having to refresh my memories and find new stuff for my lectures!

I hope no one gets discouraged by the amount of information they'll have to digest!

ness said...

Hi Tsinkoy,

As in! Nia na gyud diay ka sa atong beloved city, and teaching microbiology too! Enjoy!

Sonia said...

wow, you both are teaching, that's pretty cool! :)

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hi ness,

while reading you post now,...i remember my nephew, chris.

he talked to me personally,when i was there, what is his pursue, medicine, where, plan if Gods will there-SU.

but the problem, financially....He promised to me that he will try his best to learn n study, serious about it.

i´m touched to his proposal n pls to me, but i say, presently, i have no more saving cause of his lola´.

i talked this to bernie....ok rin cya, but the problem, dugay kono mahuman pa or sana kung 2 yrs lang siguro, but ......

we have still sascha here, free the tuitions but the misc.--books, haskang mahala.

and me?....i don´t know, cause i have only a partime job here.....
maayo ug magsigi, kay mao na lang unta ni, as if euro to pesos, mora ug ok na,,,,,,,,,

i am very willing to help him, financially, pero i won´t promised,
kay di man nko alam ang future if i am healthy and have always a partime job.

imagine, the semester fees?....di daw kaya ng tatay nya, kung cla lang.

na-touch gyd ko uy........i don´t know.

Bahala na ang Ginoo.........want to....but, i don´t know.

thnaks for the post.........share lang ko.

ness said...

Hi Sonia,

Yay, hapit na ang board exam!! ::shudder::shudder::
heheheh. study ng study lang jud. mao lang jud na. and pray pud diay.

God bless!

ness said...

Hi VK,

alam mo, meron scholarship ang province of negros oriental. submit documents lang ang applicant dayon kung mo-qualify siya, the provincial government will pay for his tuition, books, board and lodging. I'm not sure about the miscellaneous fees kung included ba.

Kung decidido gyud imong pag-umangkon, pa try lang siya apply sa capitolyo. No need for padrino or palakasan. So far, the scholars that we have from the government are financially and mentally deserving students. The Philippines needs more doctors talaga.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

thank you, mils.

i copy your reply, and send it to my nephew n his parents.

I wish-want that he can, as what he wish and want to be.

thank you very much for this info.

you are so good...........

thanks again.