Tuesday, June 9, 2009

last scrub!

Today is our beloved OR Male Aide Manong Cardo's 60th birthday. It is also his first day of retirement after thirty years of being with the SUMC. His earliest memory of working in this hospital was when they were making hakot all the hospital stuff from the old Mission Hospital (now the Katipunan Hall) to the new location in front of the SU Ballfield. And the hospital memories that he said he would miss the most would be the outings and the numerous parties throughout the year. In fact, he would be joining the OR summer outing in Dakak this weekend.

We are going to miss him (and his singing!) as he is going to miss us too, for sure! As for me, Nong Cardo would always be my standard for perfect patient positioning. I do hope the new male aides would do as well as Nong Cardo did.

Yesterday was his last day at work ...

Last scrub of the OR walls!

At Room 1 with Cherry, Lando, Carlisle, Edith and MaryAnn

At the Workroom with Mommy Mila, Edith, Ma'am Ordna, Amy and MaryAnn. The two guys in front are Nimrod (capless) and Ronald (colorful cap).

Nong Cardo and his successor, Lando


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

retired-pension na si nong cardo?

send my congrats to him.......goodluck sa new daily activities nya,

regards to him, too.........

please, pakialayon nalang, dra, if you meet him, ha?

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

diay, mahadlok bya ko lantaw ug OP-room,
or any wearing green or blue.........
labi na duna cap and bisan gabitay pa ang cover sa mouth n nose.....unsa man ni ngan uy.

puti, ok ra.........lol