Tuesday, June 30, 2009

salbutamol: don't leave home without it

Had an unpleasant blooper today: I went swimming but left my salbutamol inhaler at home, because of changing bags and all that. And just as I was starting the first lap I could feel an asthma attack coming. Oh, no! I went very slowly, at the most leisurely pace possible, so as not to aggravate the bronchoconstriction going on, hoping it would just go away by itself as it sometimes does. But to no avail. I had to get out of the pool after the fourth lap, afraid that the beginning asthma might progress into a full blown attack if I continued swimming. It was such a bummer because today was one of the rare times that Iday and Jinjun were also at the pool and I was looking forward to swimming with them. Heaven forbid that they might have had to bring a wheezing me to the ER for a stat nebulization.

So tomorrow again, with the salbutamol inhaler, please.

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