Thursday, July 16, 2009

dumaguete is sick


A wave of fever, cough and colds has been sweeping the city since last week, affecting citizens of all ages. In fact, today and tomorrow, classes in the high school, elementary and early childhood education departments of Silliman University have been suspended for sanitation purposes. The staff are going to disinfect the school premises as so many students have been sick these past days.

Though classes in the collegiate and post-grad levels have not been suspended, the university physician's clinic has been flooded with students with the exact same symptoms of fever, cough and colds. Many of my own students in the medical school have been/are sick, too, and we get lots of coughs and sniffles in class, from both students and teachers alike.

I hope this sick wave passes over soon. Such a bummer, it is.

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Vk-mahalkaayo said...

na mora na diay ug kanang contest ug paghotay ug hingosay.

unsa kaha na sa?

mahal ra ba tambal n hospitalization.

hope ok na.

thanks for sharing..........wa man news ee ani, tana ko ugma.