Sunday, July 12, 2009

getting acquainted

The colorful invitation the students made for our acquaintance party:

As we only had softdrinks and water during the party last night, I think the coffee to cocktails theme the students made was more wishful thinking rather than fact. Four weeks into medical school and our freshmen are semi-dazed and semi-delirious, struggling to adjust to grueling lecture days and migraine-inducing study nights. They're wishing there were more hours for sleep and less body parts to memorize! Not to mention the enzymes and chemical reactions that just continue to increase in number and complexity as the chapters to read unrelentingly pile up.

I hope their mental muscles have sufficiently been 'warmed up' this past month so we can all proceed full throttle to the 'meat and bones' of medicine. (Eherm.)

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tsinkoy said...

I just had this revelation today, after thinking of my brother who is on his first year at CIM.

The only reason I'd take up medicine at this point is to prove that I can do it, and not to become a doctor and save lives.

It's pretty sad, but it's strengthened my resolve to just stay where I think I should be - on the research side, to help doctors save lives.