Monday, August 31, 2009

batch project

In case you didn't know, it is a tradition of SUHS graduates to have a "batch project". This is an activity or an endeavor which the batch deems worthy of time, effort and finances. Through the years (31 and counting) since we graduated from SUHS in 1978, we have had different projects like donating appliances and tents to our alma mater. The latest project has been the sponsorship of one poor but deserving student through four years of high school education.

Our batch is currently in deep and lively discussions as to what our next project would be because our high school scholar will hopefully graduate this coming March 2010. As is natural in a democratic country, everyone has their own opinion and everyone is encouraged to express these and at the same time listen to and respect the opinion of others. That is why up until this time, we still have not come up with a decision as to what our next project is going to be.

There is one project though that the batch seems unanimous about, and this has been an "ongoing-project" for years now, but for one reason or another it has not come to fruition. Yet.

View these photos and see how Batch '78 exerts time, effort and enthusiasm in bringing about the success of project: Ang Pag-iisang Dibdib ni T and Z. ;-)

::hapon sa hardin::

Bong R. ever the persuasive choreographer

Diri, diri lagi

Alagbay pud

'Peace' daw ingon si T

::pagka-gabii dayun::

Ang sweet naman... ng dessert ba. (ug tan-awa ang nawong ni Joey)

Ito na naman si Bong. New choreography

Diri ng kamot ba

Fitting the ring?

Hay, kasadya baya

::under the table scene::

Matud pa ni Joey: "Your honor, based on the angles and shadows in the image, I can prove in court that there exists an _______________ relationship between the the owners of these lower extremities!' (Ay, amew!)


Paulino said...

Ha ha ha kaw jud Ling...siaw jud ka! But why not?Bagay baya sila...

Paulino said...

ha ha ha ...abi na ko ug tinuod jud nga project. Siaw jud ka Ling! But it breaks the seriousness of the it!

ness said...

Lingaw au, Paul. :-)

Take care ober der.

Mitch said...

If we have to be serious with our projects, let us ensure their sustainability, and really follow through. Pareho ani ron, naa na man untay documentation, nganong wala man giapil ang pictures sa honeymoon, aber? Ako'y sponsor sa bunyag sa ilang first born. To the 'newlyweds' -- congratulations!

ness said...

wala pay honeymoon pics, mitch.

but for the record, ni-pledge na si bong ug three days, two nights sa Shangrila, Mactan, all expenses paid daw niya kung magkadayon si T and Z.

ug dayun si Perry V. ni pledge ug lechon sa reception.

ug ako ang official maniniyat sa shower, kasal, honeymoon et al.

i'm sure naa pay daghan willing mo pledge diha...

Leo said...

Ako volunteer security. Tigbantay during honeymoon...he..he

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hallo dr. ness,

nagkatawa ko basa sa mga comments,
bernie asked me, why nagkatawa ko.

nakatawa ko sa last comments, ingon ko,.......ako gisulti nya tnan mga comments........nakatawa pd cya, labi na sa security daw,,,,,

kinsa konoy scorer........hahahahha

siaw nyo uy........

diay dunay fiesta dri sa amo town ron....lahi fiesta diri, kay eat and drinks as much as you can....
pero bayaran pod tnan ang nakaon-drinks......

happy weekend........