Wednesday, August 26, 2009

booth browsing

Made booth rounds tonight and I could see why the booth gathering is aptly called "Hibalag" as I did meet there a lot of friends and acquaintances that I haven't seen in a long while. The both area is more brightly lit this time compared to previous founder's days and I like it this way, it seems a less likely place for hanky-panky.

The highlight of the booth rounds, of course, would be going to the Horror Booth, the runaway blockbuster of all booths every year. The Psychology Society is in charge of transforming the Katipunan Hall into a haunted house during the founder's week and bringing shrieks and delight to the multitude of students and other guests who patiently line-up for almost an hour along the candle-lit pathway just to enter the horror chambers and see if blood and monsters made by the psych majors are scary enough to elicit surprise and screams from the willing adventurers.

It was no Val Helsing Horror House but I had such fun walking through the monster-filled rooms because I was with dear friends Karen and Pam. And now we are about to begin a late-night all-night talking session, to see how many topics we can cover and until what time we can stay awake. :-)


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Vk-mahalkaayo said...

remember man lang ko sa story sa katipunan hall....

nga duna

ambot ug tinood ba....hehehe