Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Medicine Week

It's Medicine Week in Negros Oriental from September 20 to 27 and there have been daily activities which I haven't joined except for tonight's event at the Honeycomb Restaurant, a physician/pharmaceutical partnership called "If you can DO IT... we can DUET!" What else could it be but karaoke singing, a most favorite pastime of Filipinos, irregardless of profession or age. This duet (doctor and med rep pairing) singing contest, a first ever in the history of the Negros Oriental Medical Society, was a reverberating success, if one goes by the SRO status of the Honeycomb from 7 to 10 pm, tonight.

We even had legitimate judges in the persons of Dr. Susan Vista-Suarez, Rigel Suarez and another musician whose name I missed. I think in the beginning the judges thought it was going to be a serious singing contest, if one went by the outfits of the contestants, the hosts and the guests, but they quickly got on that the spirit of the event was more of fun and fellowship rather than finding the pair with the best vocals.

Among the contestants were Dr. Jasmine Lubguban, Dr. Susan Denura, Dr. Walden Ursos, Dr. Almira Bautista, Dr. Krypton Kho, Dr. Michael Singco, Dr. Verna Reyes, Dr. Mennie Soluta and Dr. Cabatingan (the winner!!). They all did duets with med reps, whose names I totally missed, naturally as the reps don't cover the anesthesiologists a lot, as we actually have very few drugs to choose from.

Highlights of the evening were the intermission numbers by the pedia residents and consultants of Holy Child Hospital who did a Hip-Hop dance number and the Nobody But You dance number by the all female pedia residents and consultants of the SU Medical Center. Not to be outdone, our guest of honor from Manila, pediatrician Dr. Victor Doctor, also did a special song for us. As they say, kuyaw ang mga pediatrician. Dili mahagit!

I think everybody had a wonderful time and we're all looking forward to more activities like this. From the group in our table, I heard plans that some were going to start practicing tomorrow for next year's Duet Contest. As for me, I am looking forward to hearing my super favorite singing doctor, Dr. Revey Nuico, who has The Most Amazing Voice everrr, but is so shy he only sings for his wife and kids. Hopefully, next year he'll finally join the contest, but then again, maybe he should just be a judge!


Sonia said...

wow...this sounded like fun! :-) any vids, doc?

ness said...

yes, enjoy gyud kaayo. i think the residents took vids and stills. ako, wala. nag-enjoy lang talaga ako, did not try to document kasi i still have not learned how to take pics in darkly lit places. the last time i took indoor pics at night was at the Mr. and Ms. Medicine contest and my pics did not turn out ok. :-(