Monday, October 26, 2009

Ellen's Angel

This is a blurry celfone photo of my helper Ellen's baby girl, Angel, born by Caesarian section last October 11, while I was in Manila. Arrghh. I promised Ellen I would be with her when she gave birth but I wasn't able to keep that promise because her CS was an emergency one for fetal distress.

Gladly, both mother and baby are ok now, 'home' already and getting used to their new life. However, their new 'home' is in Bacong and not with me in Bagacay, so I don't get to play grandma as I thought I would.

cute little Angel sleeping


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

Congrats to Ellen.
congrats to Lola, too.

ka-cute kaayo sa baby girl.......

nerak seyer said...

guapa kaau imo apo ling

ness said...

bitaw, cute and guapa ang baby girl,sa?! :-)