Wednesday, October 14, 2009

manila group

As serendipity would have it, Batch 78 Manila group had a tapok while I was in Manila last week. Here we are all warmified in the photo, even as Evalyn and I were shivering in the centralized airconditioned home of Atit and Erlyn.

From left to right: Evalyn, Sheila F., ako, Judge Bel, Erlyn, Justice Atit, Rolito and Alan D.

Not in the pic are: Hya, because she has moved to Dumaguete (!), Mitch, kay latecomer, and Leouel, kay stranded somewhere in the highlands of Northern Luzon. Leouel was supposed to treat the batch at The Fort, but everybody thought that was too far away in Taguig, so the new venue was Atit and Erlyn's place in Quezon City. Which was just as well, because all roads from the mountainous north were impassable due to rains and landslides, and we would have washed dishes in upscale The Fort since our sponsor couldn't make it.

This was our sinfully scrumptious menu: sisig (this was the second time I had sisig in a cardiologist's home. the first was at Silai's house. is sisig now cardiologically approved? hehe), kinilaw na bangus (I loved this!!), talong salad, steamed tilapia, pork something (I didn't eat this), sinigang ba baboy (I ate the kangkong leaves only) and pork barbeque. (I am also wondering why we had all that pork.)

For dessert we had caramelized saba banana (banana que gud), mixed nuts with dates (gailog mi ni Mitch sa dates), cassava pudding, assorted pastries, AND turns at their electric massage chair! Half the group had karaoke singing at their music room while the other half stayed downstairs for some serious catching up chika.

Overall: Great company and food! Glad I was able to attend. Thank you, Manila Group!

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Vk-mahalkaayo said...


as usual your menus uy......heheheh

maka gutom n maka slim pa


diri, haskang tugnawa na uy, mora na ug winter.
sigi ulan, hangin tugnaw kaayo,
lamia di igawas sa balay.

lami sigi tikongkong ug higop ug sabaw manok, or kalasaba-soup.
baling kalabasa diri pod ron.

Ug the most, new grapes wine, hala mora ug tuba kana gyd bag-o nga kuha.

naa pa bay tuba dha?

germans mostly likes BAHAL taste....
akoa kana gyd fresh gyd kay na bali tam-isa, ....tubig style daw ko moyarok.....paresan ug Onions cake, na hala daog gyd uy......

pagkahuman, wala ray 30mins....hala miandar ako tyan......daritso dayon sa WC.......jokes but dala tinood....heeheh

have a nice sunday........