Sunday, October 4, 2009

moving UP!

Yup, I'll be moving to UP Diliman this coming Friday, but only for a weekend conference.

Everytime I go to Manila, visiting the old Diliman campus is a must on the really-want-to-do list. And if time permits, I indulge and savor walking thru the Silliman-like grounds, reminiscing the past with nostalgia, as old people are wont to do.

That is why I was quite ecstatic when I learned that the venue for this conference would be UP Diliman and not the usual UP PGH or UP Manila or some other hospital or hotel setting. I would love to sleep in-campus and wake up in-campus again!


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hi dr. ness,

have a nice and enjoyable conference.
hope it´s a nice weather,either,
di unta mag-ulan n lunop na pod.

"sleep in-campus and wake up in-campus again!".......parang student time gyd.

have a nice weekdays.

diri ron gadag-om, gaulan, ngitngit, kapoy igawas sa flat, tugnaw pa.


ness said...

thank you, vicky!