Friday, December 11, 2009

grass on grass

When I was a child, I secretly envied my cousins and friends who went to dancing lessons, mostly because I wanted to wear the fancy dance costumes. But such luxuries were way out of budget for us so I buried my nose in reading free books instead.

Fast forward many years later, when one December afternoon Dr. GCA tells me, "We're going to practice our Hawaiian dance at 5 pm, why don't you join us? Hawaiian is the theme for our hospital Christmas party this year." Huh was the only word I got in before GCA said the magic word, "We're going to wear grass skirts." It didn't take two seconds for me to jump right in. "Ay, moapil ko ana! I want to wear a grass skirt."

And so for the last two weeks, every evening after work, the second floor female consultants have been sweating it out at the Cunningham Hall, "perfecting" our Tahitian/Hawaii-Five-O, as well as our 'exit' steps. Even if our middle-aged bodies are a tad too stiff for the rigors of Tahitian shivers, we went at 'em with gusto and determination befitting our status as consultants and therefore leaders in things noble, healthful, not-naughty and nice.

I have to express my admiration for Dr. Anne Bernadas, our creative instructor and patient integrator of all the suggestions/critiques/bright ideas of her feisty dancers who are so used to giving orders they cannot help but want to "co-manage" the choreography as well.

This here below is My Grass Skirt, laid out on the grass on our front yard, hence the title of this post.

my very own! Aloha!

We are so excited to do our dance number at the SUMCFI Christmas Party at the SU Gym tomorrow. Now... if I can only remember exactly when to shake, bump, turn and pose!


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

dr. ness,

asa na man ang mga pics sa inyong-imong hawai-i dance?

hala unsa kaha ang kiay-kiay sa?..heheheh

curious to see all of you in your hawaiian dance n grass skirt.

maayo diha kay haskang inita, naka hawaian pa mo...:-)

diri baling balukot gyd bya....

balik-balik ko diri to watch the video pod nya.

ness said...


hi vicky,

alegre kaayo among hawaiian dance. kung kanus-a natiguls, mao pay pag sul-ot ug grass skirt. haskang,jud!

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

bitaw, gaimagine ko, hala.....

tapos stomach-free pa na sa?

sigi, share nya sa mga pics,
ato lantawon ang kiay-kiay.....:-)