Tuesday, December 29, 2009

year ending

The year is almost ending and incredibly there's a tremendous backlog of things that need-to-be-done-but-have-not-been. Foremost of which is writing, as there have been a handful of things I really wanted to write about-but-haven't.

Secondmost of which is to really, really clean up my room (and house, why not?).

Thirdmost of which is to finish wrapping the gifts scattered in my bedroom. I've been pretty lazy this season in terms of gift-wrapping and gift-giving, being preoccupied with other stuff and all.

Down the list of -most to do is to ponder why my attitude towards Christmas has drastically changed these past couple of years. Getting too old perhaps? I am secretly dreading having to say Merry Christmas to anyone, feeling it to be such a shallow and false greeting, but I actually hear myself saying it without meaning it. Hmmm.


backpacklife said...

sail on doki! sail on!

ness said...

happy new year, RVs!

manla-ag ta 2010, uy!!