Saturday, January 9, 2010

drama moments

I just got home from our OR OUTing at Robinsons where we had a gulped-down lunch of finger-lickin'-good KFC chicken and where someone (who will remain nameless) said, "This mushroom soup tastes different" before he found out that it was the gravy he was scooping up!! Heheheh. Gulped-down because we wanted to catch the first showing of Avatar at 11:25 am. It was quite funny eating with someone counting down the minutes before showtime. We have fifteen minutes. Five minutes now. Three minutes. Can't we ask them to hold the start for a while coz we have to pabalot our left-overs pa? We were all tickled because we are used to countdowns at the OR, for example after giving succinylcholine, we ask the nurses to time us 60-75 seconds before we intubate the patient.

So after all the doggy-bags (and non-doggy-bags) were packed and sealed AND left at the KFC counter for pick up after the movie (where else but in Dumaguete can you do that?), we all trooped to the cinemas where we oohhhd and aahhhd at the niceness of the comfort rooms and the moviehouse. Wow! Even better than some Manila or Cebu theaters!

It was the first time for some of us to be inside the Robinsons cinemas and some of us did not know that there were armrests in between seats. So we were like promdis in the city, getting to know a mod place for the first time.

And when the movie was shown, I almost cried but choked back my tears, twice. First, for the beauty of the movie: the story, the animation, the imagination, the creativity. I think the characters were very engaging and there were moments when I could relate to their emotions. In Visayan, nadala jud ko sa ilang gibati. And second, I think it was just wonderful to be watching an outstanding movie in the company of my beloved coworkers, the awesome Dr. PPA and Dr. JAO, who are not only excellent, excellent practitioners but persons with such big hearts and gracious spirits I feel so privileged to be working with them. It was our treat actually for the OR staff, the feisty and very efficient workers who make our professional lives so much easier.

After the movie we had big cobs of sweet corn (from a stall on the second floor near the food court) to cap what we hope to be the start of more OR OUTings to come.


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

grabeha sa inyo schedule....maka ibog.......
bisan sa mga happenings sa O.R.....

hadlok ko lantaw ani, bisan kana ra nga letter O.R......or E.R.............

bitaw, nindot kono kaayo ang cinema sa Robinsons.....ingon ee, pro cya pa ay di nakono cya balik basta dli invitations....:-)
kay wla daw sa budget nya............hahahah

nauli si dingsan last xmas, invited daw cya lili sa cinema....dah di na daw cya sulod basta dli daw libre....siawa uy.
pero ingon gyd cya nindot daw kaayo....

Baling snow diri, pastilan, dugay na gyd wa kaayo mo snow diri, pro this week grabe kaayo.....
gi-nervous gyd ko, pero have to drive kay si kim wa pa man papel, so ako hatod n kuha.

Bernie kay sick napod.....sakit tyan, which USO ron diri, bata or tigols wa pilia gyd.

Have a wonderful and blessful weekend.


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

pabalot.....dala gyd nako ni diri, basta duna sobra nya lantaw nako daghan pa....di gyd ko maulaw ako gyd ipapotos bya, which bernie n kids ayaw gyd nila kay kinsa kono mokaon, ilabay ra gihapon daw.

duna koy story ani pabalot.......b4 with friends-pinay with our kids nangaon mi sa resto.....gagmay pa among mga anak adto time ma.

tapos duna bay sobra, among gikaon adto kana meat nga dunay bones...

gisayangan si Zenaida nga dli dad-on kay daghan pa man sobra.
Iya gipapotos......naka parat kay iya man gipakapinan ug SULTI........

Ingon nya, pls ibalot ni kay pra daw sa iya DOG......sus kay iyang anak, mitubag man na: MAMA WE DON´T HAVE A DOG!:::::::::::

Napalunok si Zenaida...napula iya face, wa ka tingog.........hahahahah

Sus ingon pa iya anak....Namakak man ka Ma

Sus ingon cya, Mayo unta gibisaya sulti sa iya anak, aron di kasabot ang Silbedora...........hahahah

Kami pod wa ka tingog uy.........migawas mi bali namo pangatawa.............:)

Lesson gyd to, di gyd maayo mamakak kay mogawas gyd ang tinood...........aguy........

Hala taas ko mo comments uy....

bricalz said...

Truly truly a beautiful movie. Hehe

Nice to know we now have movies and the all-important KFC if I have to bring somebody over there to practice with me, hahaha, pero finally we finally have the chicken.

Sonia said...

awww...that's so nice! sadya kaayo mo doc, makaibog! :-)

ness said...

hope Bernie is feeling better na!

mao jud! ang kentucky jud!!
ug... uyyyyyy! ahem ahem! gikasal na baya si Herbert and Louella last monday. nice kaayo ang wedding!

yes alegre kaayo mi! hihihi. it was a very nice bonding and relaxing time for all of us. :-)