Monday, December 10, 2007

I can so barely walk...

for having played badminton with the kids.

As there was a brownout in most of Dumaguete yesterday morning, we couldn't tinker with our electronic toys so the kids and I, with their friends (ages 13-22), trooped to The Court in HyperMart just down the street where we live. Incidentally, there was a big crowd, make that a huge crowd, outside HyperMart because it was audition day for Pinoy Big Brother and Pinoy Dream Academy, popular shows in Philippine television today.

Back to our game:

Carlo (13) : Ma, hinay kaayo ka mo serve! (Ma, your serve is too weak!)

Me: ::makes a face:: (silently: So what? Doesn't it count that I cheer the loudest?!)

Mike (22): Good game, good game!

Me: Yey! (in my mind: Fabulous aerobic exercise and now I can rest!)

Lalaine (Mike's girlfriend): Change court!

Me: What?! Again?! Kah Kah Kah.

And so we played for more than an hour afterwhich I had to leave (thankfully) when my MultiMedia ka-berks called me away as we had to set up/edit/do final artwork/rehearse for a seamless flow in church at five pm.

I think we all had a great fun time playing badminton. But maybe next time, I'll go with my age group. I'm sure some of them will have asthma or arthritis or something...


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