Friday, January 4, 2008

50 years ago today parents were wed!

Happy anniversary, Mommy and Daddy!

Our (big) family likes to gather and eat together at the slightest excuse. But today was a mighty big one - a 50th wedding anniversary, no less. Our youngest sibling, Nanet, worked the hardest, planning everything and calling everybody, including cousins from my father's side. Which was really good because I got to update my incomplete father-side-family tree.

::sigh:: I thought after the New Year I would have no more excuse for overeating. But looks like things will not let up. Check this out:

1. tomorrow, Lolo Felix and Lola Paro are arriving from Dubai

2. next week, baptismal of cousin Ruel and Estela's baby boy

3. next next week, cousin Janry is getting married

4. midJanuary, Raphael's birthday

5. February, more relatives and birthdays coming up.

All these mean just one thing. Can you guess what it is?


Rose Congjuico said...

What a blessing.. 50 years?! Happy anniversary to your parents, Mel.

M. said...

Thank you, Rose. Yes, 50 years. Their secret? They pray together everyday.

My older brother will be turning 50years old this November 2008. That means I will be going in that direction soon too! Oh my gosh. ^_^