Saturday, January 5, 2008

Apos aplenty

Grandkids in a huddle. Raphy, Paolo, Paula.

Grandkids big and small. JC, Carlo, Anton, Paula, Paolo, Raphy, Phoebe, Onin, Bhea. Lalaine and Mike at the center.

The Lord God made them all.


Louie said...

Uhm, hello... your captions, while perfectly adequate and even inspirational, need buffing. ;-)

To wit: what on earth are all those children looking so avidly at?!

M. said...

Hi Lou,

The captions were decidedly cryptic because:

1. if I said more, maguba ang ako “L-rhyme” (huddle, small, all) hehehe

2. it was meant to pique the curiosity of the reader, 'I wonder what…?" Ang dili kaagwanta, mangutana. Which is exactly what you did. ;-) That’s the beauty of interactive weblogging.

3. the real truth is: I did not know what they were doing. I assumed it was obvious that there’s only one thing that can enrapture such a wide age-range: a computer game. Learned the title just now: it’s called "Little Shop Big City" and all the kids were pooling their collective eyes to find all the hidden objects in the game.

‘Nuff ‘Xcuses! :-) I will take note. Thanks!