Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Anaesthetists Hymn

Today we take a break from the Generics Act Bill and take a look at other topics in the medical profession.

For example, a lot of people know what surgeons do. But not a lot of people know exactly what it is that anesthesiologists or anaesthetists do. Like most of my colleagues, I take my job very, very seriously so it was to my great delight (and merriment !) that I came across this YouTube video, a lighthearted take on what is normally an intensely serious occupation.

I am having a little difficulty though because I am writing this post from the YouTube page and I do not know how to make a link or edit from there.

Anyway, this video is so true (hehe). I just hope my mentor during my fellowship, Dr. Ambrosio, will not see this clip because I remember she would not allow us to read newspapers or magazines while we were giving anesthesia. We were not even allowed to sit during the entire surgical procedure! (Oh, except for craniectomies and other such super lengthy operations...)


Anonymous said...

Dear Dra. Carm,
The song is good but the singer is better. Cute Siya. Charing lang.

Ness said...

Hmmm... now that you mentioned it... I suspect there must have been a subliminal reason why I kept watching the video over and over again... Waahahah!!

But actually, the lyrics of the song are very dear to me, because they aptly describe the benign activities an anesthesiologist "seems" to be doing - adjusting the lights, table height and tilt, changing the ambient music, reading the paper, etc. In reality we are watching and hearing with eagle eyes and canine ears everything that goes on in the operating room.

But you are right about the singer. Ahem. His name is Dr. Suman Biswas, by the way, and he's a weblogger! Go search.