Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Labor of _______. That's what he calls it.

Let's check out what Kuya Clyde has been doing the past few days. (Warning: ala-Blairwitch)

Ok, ok. Take two.

This is a special kind of power tool called a pneumatic Nailer. It hammers a special kind of floor nail onto the tongue and groove wooden planks.

And since power tools need power, here’s the compressor, which he filched from his sister’s place for a couple of days.

And here's Clyde in action:

Yesterday he laid down the joists...

And today he's nailing down the Matimco floorboards.

Notice the plastic (handcarried from Korea) between the cement floor and the wooden boards. That’s to keep the cold down and the wood warm.

After four days of mighty toiling, voila! The whole room is fully wood-floored.

And Clyde goes off to his “other life.” Ask him what his job is and he’ll say, “Drayber lang po.” Yeah, right. But his garage is a hangar, yo!

Clyde with relatives in California. Yes, that's a Boeing triple 7.


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