Monday, January 14, 2008


This is a picture of a huge myoma being removed surgically. This one took several years to reach this size. It is amazing how many women in the Philippines wait until their illnesses get worse before they go to a hospital for check-up and management. .

The picture above shows a huge myoma in Dr. C's patient. The myoma is even bigger than a full term baby.

In the picture below the hand of the surgeon, Dr. V, is in the scene to give us an idea of how big the myoma is. This is from another patient, by the way.

Dr. V inspects the myoma. Any "unusual" findings?

None. (Good!)


Louie said...

Uhm, did you mean to post this on your private weblog, instead of here? ::chuckle::

Ness said...

uhh... where am i?...ahm...

actually, this post was meant to be here. you think it's too gross? wala man ni patient's names pud... though i did keep falling asleep on my computer as i was posting it at almost midnight. really. it was a long day yesterday.

as for the private weblog, i wanted to post something else there. :-)