Monday, February 11, 2008

Kuya Jed and my baby

...who is now a teenager!

Carlo turned fourteen yesterday and as a treat to himself, he invited his Kuya Jed for a sleepover. (To my great delight, as Jed is a computer wiz so I ambushed him to teach me some computer stuff.) Kuya Jed is Carlo's drum instructor and mentor and friend. On many weekends Carlo would camp over at Kuya Jed's place. He has his own toothbrush and stuff there already. Before I met Jed, my opinion of drummers was that they are noisy, irritating, nuisances. After I got to know Jed, my attitude towards drummers and drums totally changed. This guy has heart and soul. And a funny bone. (hehe, pun intended)

A lot can be gleaned from the following pictures:

imitating chubby cheeks

Baby Rydeen

Ahehe... Just checking it out... if it's safe for kids!

Jed's very first double bass XP

He loves kids and the kids love him back

Be the reds, Khoya Jed!

Horse big, horse small

Kuya Jed will ride them all.

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