Sunday, February 10, 2008

will try again...

sometime in the near future. I do not know why the video that I've been laboring over the past couple of days won't upload to Youtube or to Blogger but maybe one day I will find out. Soon I hope.

In the meantime, here are some Batch '78ers of the Manila Group who promised to sponsor our parade Tshirt for our 30th reunion. They will also render a dance number, a song number, provide an emcee and a dinner as well... did I get that right? ;-)

Kaila mo ani nila? Evalyn, Rolito, Alan, Sheila, Erlyn, Hya, Diana.

Remember this shirt? Our Silliman Centennial shirt, designed by Bonnie, and which won for us the best tshirt design during the parade.

And last night Batch '78 Dumaguete Group had a meeting at Il Primo, a new coffee shop/internet cafe/boutique at the second floor of the Portal West Wing of Silliman. Why Il Primo? Because it is owned by another Batch '78er, Prems. What did we talk about? Plenty plans a-brewing! We're finalizing some details yet before I post the plans here.

AND John Joseph is arriving next week from Sacramento, so we'll have another meeting, probably themed again... The second time John came, we had a black-and-white dinner at Don Atilano. Complete with black and white invitations and black and white give-aways. The next time he came, it was a pajama-themed party at the Private Residence Resort in Dauin. Then the last time he came, it was a Hawaiian luau overnight party at Cangmating Beach. Wonder what the motiff will be next week. Masquerade perhaps?


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