Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bohol Plaza Resort

It was sunny when we left Bohol but it was overcast when we went there on Maundy Thursday.

The Weesam Fastcraft doesn't look much from outside, especially in this view when the waters at the Dumaguete pier was at low tide so that the boat was floating much lower in the water in relation to the level of the pier, that's why the first floor windows can only be partially seen.

Here's a better image from the Weesam website so you can see how the fastcraft looks like. The interior is designed like a two-storey airplane.

The boat left on time and with Rambo as the in-boat movie, we had a smooth one hour and forty-five minute ride to Tagbilaran, the capital city of Bohol.

After a twenty-minute ride from the pier up to the mountains in Panglao Island, we arrived at the Bohol Plaza Resort, which to my surprise was a one storey affair.

Or so I thought. What seemed to be the first and only floor of the resort was actually the fifth floor of a building built unto the side of a mountain. This here below is the other side of the facade seen above.

And in fact, the entire resort was not just one building but actually several buildings and cottages scattered throughout the mountainside.

Quite posh and very well-kept, there were many interesting corners to explore. Our cottage had a unique design, it had eight walls! Visible from our veranda (lowermost pic) was the Tagbilaran bay, where our fastcraft docked earlier.

As this resort is built on the side of a mountain, going around naturally entailed some amount of climbing, albeit on stairs. Aside from a bright neon elevator in the main building, there were a lot of stairs all over the place. And to encourage the panting climber in case he/she got tired from all that ascending and descending, there were signs along the way, like these:

"Walk your way for a healthy heart."

Yeah, good advice. Let's get off this computer chair now and do some walking. Go!

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