Saturday, March 8, 2008


So glad to have my old template back! For a couple of days my template changed because of something I did in HTML and I was quite disheartened because I could not figure out how to undo the tangle done. But all is well now and I'm glad. :-)

But for today, I am off to Pinocchio land again... Buon giorno!


Ad said...

Hi Mel, I'm Adrian, hubby of your Auntie Benita. Finally signed-on to google blogspot and your blog. We enjoy your blog and it's a way for me and Benita to connect with Dumaguette relatives. Thanks for your, time and effort. You're doing a remarkable job.

Ness said...

Hi Adrian,

I do remember you! You and Tita Tita drove all the way from Chicago to Eden Prairie to visit us when we were at Tita Gloria's place in April 2005! Remember all the FOOD that we ate?!

Thanks for visiting my weblog. Hope you'll be visiting Dumaguete soon! Like this year, right?