Sunday, March 9, 2008

something is a-brewing...

in the Philippine Medical Blogosphere.

As if we are not tired of doing hospital rounds, be it ward rounds or chart rounds, some Filipino weblogging doctors are actually going to embark on a pioneering project : The Blog Rounds.

And this time, instead of visiting patients or perusing mountain stacks of charts, we will be sitting at our computers and hopping through the different sites of the MDBloggers. Wouldn't that be so cool?! Or so crazy? Hehe. Actually, I have ambivalent feelings about this. Like for example, when I started weblogging a few months ago, (was it just barely three and a half months ago?! I'm a baby blogger wheee!) I wanted it to be more of a right-brain thing, you know... write from the cuff, not much thinking, much like dishwashing... just write spontaneously, without much planning, whatever comes out on the computer, let it be.

So now if I know that there are other people who will be reading my posts with a critical eye... hmm, nakaka-pressure naman! But, anesthesiologists work best in an environment of pressure, right. There's the blood pressure for one, the airway pressure for two... So anyway, for whatever it's worth, I've already pledged my commitment to TBR as organized by BoneMD.

So let me just start by posting here a page from the "mother" weblog of all Filipino physician bloggers, Pulse by Em Dy.

A number of Filipino doctors have blogs. What we write about is an interesting mix. While Pulse is a personal blog about what interests me (primarily travel, lovies and dining), other doctors' blogs talk about politics, medical issues, cooking, scrapbooking, etc.

Aloyloy. Probably, the strangest name among the blogs listed, this one focuses on politics and pop.

An Eye Doctor in a Third World Country. That precisely is what Dr. Tes is. Her blog is about so much more.

At Random Ness. Based in Dumaguete, Ness blogs about medicine, family and friends.

Breather. Therese Lladoc writes about her sentiments here.

Bubbleman. Shark is a medical doctor by training who now works an 8 to 5 job. Bubbleman is about his past, present and future.

Checking In. This is the blog of Dr. Geena Macalua, an internist-oncologist. Here she talks about medicine and life in general.

Chronicles from the Middle of Nowhere. Dr. Clairebear describes herself as a young doctor in quarter-life crisis, wandering through life for the first time without a map.

Differentials. Another personal blog, this time by a female physician on her way to becoming an internist.

Doctor Magnus. A newly licensed physician dreaming of becoming aninterventional cardiologist. This is his personal blog.

Doralicious. Another doctor who wears many hats, Dorothy is a psychologist turned physician turned public servant.

Feeding the Boys. A dermatologist now living in Canada, CTL shares her adventures in the kitchen.

Finestkind Clinic and Fish Market. Retired physician Dr. Nancy Reyes dispenses her thoughts on medicine, culture and the joys of cooking pancit.

It's Me! Raphael. This doctor from Cebu talks about family, medicine, technology and religion.

Joey, MD. An ophtalmologist and glaucoma specialist, Joey maintains two blogs - this one and The Working Mom.

Life Journal of an Integrative Medical Doctor. A geriatrician who calls himself XyberDoc talks about his life and medical practice.

Life is Like a Box of Chocolate. Raymond, a UP College of Medicine graduate, blogs here.

Lifeline. Reeza is a doctor from Lipa who has only recently started blogging.

Mah Lyf. Norwin Detalla is another doctor blogger from Cebu.

MegaLife. Written by MegaMom, this blog is a collection of posts about food, wine, coffee, books, music, art, movies, health, family, altruism, everything but bowling. Now blogging at Pinay MegaMom.

Merry Cherry. Merry Cherry is a doctor to the barrios who blog about her adventures both in the city and in the country.

My Life and My Scrapbooking. Dr. Rita Marie S. Vergara is a pediatric pulmonologist and is a certified scrapaholic.

My Little Space. This is Dr. Gita Asuncion's home on the web. Here, she shares her life, what she's seen, felt and heard, where she's been and more.

My Sanctuary. Doc Mai is a Filipino doctor based in Mindanao who once dreamed of a Palanca award. She rekindles her love for writing in this blog.

No Special Effects. The doctor who runs this blog, Manggy, is addicted to dessert.

Notes of an Anesthesioboist. I found Dr. T. Legarda from a comment in MarketManila. She was born in Manila and now engages in anesthesiology (private practice) in Boston since the move to the US in 1981.

Okasaneko Chronicles. This is the blog of KittyMama, a doctor whose passions in life include autism and Hello Kitty.

On My Way Home. This is the blog of Dr. Martin Bautista who is perhaps the most popular among the Filipino doctor bloggers. His fame is not so much due to his blogging but because of his attempt to run for a Senate seat. Although unsuccessful in his bid, the votes that he garnered is testament that the Filipinos are ready for change.

Payb-Pifty Lang Po. This is Doc Broks' funny blog.

Parallel Universes. Also well-known among Pinoy bloggers, Doc Emer writes mostly about medicine but occasionally ventures into posts very distinct from medicine.

Pepper Says. A newly licensed doctor in transition from school to work blogs about her universe.

Prudence and Madness. Tess Termulo is a well-known figure in the Philippine blogosphere. She talks about medicine, personal and socially relevant issues and even shares her dreams. Check out Prudence, MD for posts on medicine, general health care and science.

Ripples from the River of my Thoughts. A physician from Cebu, JA also likes to dabble in creative writing.

Samu't Sari. A personal blog with interesting takes on theater, dance and travel, Samu't Sari is all that and much more.

Shouting My Whispers to the Universe. This is the personal blog of a female Filipino doctor who calls herself Midnight Rainbow.

Siegfried Robert S. Perez, MD. Another Pinoy doctor blogger, Siegfried, who took up pre-med and med in UP, is now based in the Gold Coast. He recalls his UP days here.

Sison of Love. It's obvious that Doc Cristina loves two things: music and love.

So Far, So Good. Dr. Christian Gomez describes himself as multi-faceted. His blog is similarly so.

Sporadic Thought Bubbles. Writing with salmon-stinky fingers, Kai dispenses self-conscious witticisms along the way.

Super Dok. Amelyn R. Rafael, MD wears many hats, those of a mom, practicing physician, teacher, wife, etc. With all that multi-tasking, she's definitely super.

Sympathomimesis. Dr. Rosseau, another would be internist, channels his thoughts in this site.

The Doctor is Out. Indeed she is, for in this blog Angel-MD-No-More sheds her white coat.

The Doctor is a Photographer. Dr. Antonio C. Comia shows us that his photographic eye is as good as his clinical eye.

The Freudian Slip. Bayen is a doctor to the barrios blogging about his life experiences.

The Last Frontier. This is the blog of Raul Espinoza Ramos, a doctor who's also a nurse. The

The Orthopedic Logbook. Bone MD writes about issues affecting his daily medical and orthopedic practice. He also blogs at To Cut for Living.

Walking-On-Water. The white coat is off. The dreamer is off the boat. The walk begins. TK is an internist/medical officer whose mission in life is to make good memories with his children.

Wow. This actually started as a short list but everytime I check it over at Pulse by Em Dy, it keeps growing and growing! Great.

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