Tuesday, June 17, 2008

12.75 beta

That's TBR 12.75 beta and it's finally up over at Meloink's. This is quite a heeeaaavvey topic with a lot of discussion going on here and there and some bit of nosebleeding here and there, too.

Is medicine a business?

The Ateneo School of Medicine thinks so. In fact their medical course is a double degree program wherein their graduates earn two degrees at the same time: Doctor of Medicine and Master of Management. I think this is a first in the Philippines. Check it out here.

Another medical school is thinking of offering a double degree program, too, where students graduate as Doctor of Medicine and Master of Public Health. They believe community medicine has not been given enough emphasis in our medical schools when in fact it is what is greatly needed in our country.

Is medicine making a living out of other people's problems?

I want to look at medicine as a way of helping people who are ill. Doctors have that extraordinary privilege. Payment received is very much welcome. But our true satisfaction should be in the fact that we did good medicine. Whether we get paid or not. (I hope none of my patients will be reading that or surely they'll take me to task!) "Doc, bakit discount lang, sana libre na lang lahat!" O_o Oh, yeah. There are all kinds of patients. ;p

Is medicine a noble profession?

What makes a profession 'noble'? Is teaching a noble profession? How about being a pedicab driver? Or a girl selling e-loads? What determines whether a profession or career is noble or not? What if your profession does not belong to the 'noble' category? Would the opposite of noble be ignoble?



3. highborn, aristocratic. 4. honorable. Noble, high-minded, magnanimous agree in referring to lofty principles and loftiness of mind or spirit. Noble implies a loftiness of character or spirit that scorns the petty, mean, base, or dishonorable: a noble deed. High-minded implies having elevated principles and consistently adhering to them: a high-minded pursuit of legal reforms. Magnanimous suggests greatness of mind or soul, esp. as manifested in generosity or in overlooking injuries: magnanimous toward his former enemies. 6. grand, lordly, splendid. 11. peer, aristocrat.

Antonyms 3. lowborn, base.


Synonyms 1. degraded, dishonorable, ignominious, contemptible. 3. lowly, obscure, plebeian, peasant.

Antonyms 1. honorable. 2. superior.


As for TBR 14, Doc Em, in the making... hopefully, will be posting it tomorrow.


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

diri pod, dr. ness,
nagwelga ang mga drs.
kay mao lagi, hago ila works,
gamay sweldo....
long hrs. layo sa familya,
nya dili kono fair.

ako giingnan ako anak, kagraduate lang nya Abitur diri, ingon ko why not taking some medicines courses...

tubag nya...drs?...never....thinking of bus. man dayon siya.....

hago daw,kutaw utok,.... gamay sweldo.....

i enjoy my staying n reading here....hope pwede maka basa bisan wla ko labot sa PMA.

pwede maka balik pa diri ug basa?


Bone MD said...

The Blog Rounds 13th edition is up too, in my newly "uncluttered" site, The Orthopedic Logbook. Read the some sort of survey, here.

And please don't forget to vote ( yep, the poll beside my tag board widget, on the second column of my sidebar) about TBR's round up frequency.

The Blog Rounds 12.75 Edition is also up at Meloink's Blog, The Philippine Daily Idiot. Lets get the nosebleed out of PMA!

Lastly, Em Dy's deadline for the 14th edition for TBR (paging Doc Hollywood) is fast approaching. Don't forget to submit your post s for this TBR edition.

Ness said...


you're very much welcome to visit and read! Malipay kaayo to have a reader who appreciates Dumaguete, too. Ingat dyan.