Wednesday, June 18, 2008

the reel deal on the boob tube

Ok, ok. I'm going to finally admit it. The reason it took me such a long time to write this entry is because... ahem... it's because... I don't watch television. Shocking ba masyado? Okay, how about, I don't watch television a lot? Actually, I can go without turning on the TV for weeks and I'd be perfectly happy with that.

The reason for this is that perhaps something happened along the way between childhood and adulthood: I lost the appetite for television. Which is a bit strange because I used to be a TV and movie freak. I couldn’t do any homework if I wasn’t sitting in front of an open TV and I would scrimp and save for weeks so I could splurge one weekend on movie marathons.

I think what turned me off about television were the commercials. Aside from the irritating way they interrupted the shows, I had this feeling that what they were purveying were just not true. For example, ads would make us believe that the only way to be in/up, hip/cool/hot was to be fair skinned, silky haired, with Barbie doll face and figure, eating all those yummy junk food, having the latest technogizmos, and other such fallacies. And the scary part is that the commercials are so well made that they are getting the dubious message across very powerfully.

Even with the advent of cable TV and no-commercial movies, I couldn’t re-engage with TV watching again. Maybe I’m one of the few (and maybe weird) Filipinos who do not watch PBB or GKNB or Lobo.

As for movies, I like watching (no commercial) movies but I try to avoid watching movies that are about doctors or medicine. Like Doc Joey, I tend to notice the flaws in medical scenes and I get frustrated that the production team did not make an effort to verify if their scenes were realistic or believable. So now I prefer to be entertained by non-medical films so I can thoroughly relax and enjoy the movie without fearing that the illusion of the movie's reality will be shattered by a jarring medical blooper.

And so, because I wanted to join the Blog Rounds 14th edition , I got a copy of House M.D. Season 4. My comments on House:

(will have to be continued later as it has been a long day and am so sleepy na... -_- )


Em Dy said...

Thanks for joining. The round up will be published tomorrow.

Like you, I did my studying in front of the TV. I haven't lost my fascination with television but prefer very much cable TV without commercials. The remote is very handy for me as it allows me to channel surf once they start showing ads.

I absolutely hate news or medical programs which start off a discussion about a certain disease then ends up with an endorser pushing the product. Worse, the ad time is also taken up by this product. In essence, the TV station earns twice as much money yet the advertising agencies only allow them a certain time for ads. So they circumvent that rule by putting it within the show. I hope they stop doing that.

Ness said...

Oo nga talaga, Doc Em, bottom line, making money is an important factor be it in movies, medicine, blogging, atbp. I guess that's the reality we have to live with.

Anonymous said...

Pareho tayo, I don't watch much TV anymore. I admit, when ER was new, I was always tuned. It so happened I was also living in Chicago at the time, which is the city where ER is set. But after that, wala nang oras.

MerryCherry, MD said...

Before I went to the barrio, I was a TV addict Doc. Then my first few months there, I realized I can actually survive without TV for weeks!Hehe :)

And it's not so bad after all. I got to do OTHER things.

Ligaya said...

Hi doc! I wasn't able to catch the deadline for that Hollywood edition sa Blog Rounds ;-) panagsa na man lang gud ko maka-internet, usually I post na lang several blogs at a time and I just postdate some of them... Is there one site that keeps track of what the TBR topic for the week is? Because sometimes when I do get to blog, I don't know where to look for the current TBR topic...

Thanks for the invitation, by the way ;-) I miss your beautiful city... :-(

Ness said...

hi gaya,

hey, i'm glad you had time to visit. doc remo of the orthologbook has new updates re the blog rounds. check this out:

pag-au-au sa imong review!!