Thursday, June 19, 2008

comments on House MD

...are going to be brief.

1. He did not get an informed consent before doing a spur of the moment hysteroscopy on a patient undergoing an abdominal procedure.

2. He did not wear a cap and mask in the OR.

3. Of course, he did not scrub either.

4. His diagnostic methods are freaking far out.

5. His interpersonal methods are freakier farther out.

I rest my case.

p.s. He does not shave.


Dominique said... that a good thing or a bad thing?

bricalz said...

Hehe, gud pm Doc Ness...

Thanks for the invite.

In my opinion, I think if he scrubbed, or wore a cap and mask, lost the scraggy look, and got off the pill, it wouldn't be much fun a show.

Hahaha. Let's just take it as what not to do as a diagnostician.

Thanks again. Always love your writeups.

Bone MD said...


Lets just keep House for entertainment purposes and nothing else!

Ot:, I met Dominique at the Davao Bloggers Party last saturday. I named you, Ness, as one literary genius of Visyas...

Hope you won't kill me.

Ness said...

Sir Dominique,

that is how I originally wrote your name in my linkies because you are a 'real' writer and I am a fan of your blog and your column in Metropost. BUT since you are younger than me I decided to drop the Sir. :-)

Here's one of my favorites in your blog. It grossed me out but made me laugh. Har!

As for the good thing or bad thing, let's see...

Ness said...

Hi Bri,

Good that you took a break from studying and joined the last TBR.

Hapit na, Bri!
::shake::kurog::kulba:: hehehe
I know kaya mo yan.

I talked with your Dad, gimingaw na kuno cya nimo and he reads your blog daw. :-)

Ness said...

Doc Rems,

Literary-wanna be ra gyud intawon. But I will not kill you uy, madahan. The good thing about being above forty is baga-baga na ang nawong. hehe.

I've been reading about your bloggers party in Davao, sadyaa ninyo sa. Wish we could have one like that here in Dumaguete too. Pero mostly mga batan-on ang mga bloggers diri, ako ray tigul... matured diay. ;p

Em Dy said...

Thanks for joining Ness. I think those flaws are what make him interesting.