Thursday, June 26, 2008

meet our scholar

In less than two months it will be Silliman University's Founder's Day once again. And SUHS Batch '78 will be celebrating our 30th grand reunion. We had such an awesomely wonderful time during our four years in Silliman High School that we decided to help a deserving student experience what we had before - learning in and out of the classrooms, finding solid principles to live by and most of all, building friendships that have grown stronger and deeper through the years.

To all my batchmates who have not met our scholar yet, here she is, Sarah Ingrid A. Francisco.

To HS Batch '78, my sponsor:

First of all, I would like to thank you for the support you've given me these past two years. I wouldn't be here, studying in Silliman, if it weren't for you.

I remember that when I was still a sixth grader how badly I wanted to continue my studies at Silliman High School. But because we can't afford the school's tuition fee due to my older brother's medical condition, that dream somehow seemed impossible. Plus, I still have a younger brother who just started going to school. Much to my surprise when one day, my father told me to apply for a sholarship in high school. I was nervous because to me the word 'scholar' meant a smart, studious person who's always at the top. I started thinking of negative things like: I won't be a scholar 'cause I lack the skill to be one; I might not live up to their expectations; and I'm simply bot worthy to be one. I was really shocked when I found out that I was chosen as a scholar by Batch '78 and I was really happy because I'm finally going to continue my studies in Silliman.

My first year in high school was a bit hard for me. Since I was new to this "scholarship thing", I really had to adjust my study habits. I did my best to cope up with the hard lessons. During second year, I was able to balance my time with my friends, family, studies and free time. I am now a junioir this school year and I'm planning to double my efforts 'cause I don't want to let all of you down.

None of these would have happened if you hadn't chosen me as your scholar. This really helped me a lot and I can't think of a better way to express my gratitude than to tell you two simple meaningful words: THANK YOU!


Sarah Ingrid A. Francisco (Signed)


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

batch 78, high school.....
abi nko college batch, paglantaw nako imo pics.....di man ka idaran, bata pa

diay, you know what, kim mograduate like high school sa atoa, next summer,2009...ayaw nya to go in college or academic ba humanon.

so mangaply cya ug ka practicuman at the same time school pod for 3 yrs or depends sa iya gusto humanon.

lagi kay lisod kaayo diri ron ug mga place to have practicum btaw........mao amo plan, kim send there sa pinas for 6 mos or depende nya gusto pila ka bulan.

we plan to send kim in SU only to learn english.......
bisan english lang aron matrain cya n improve iya english.

Pwede ba ni, dr. ness?...unsaon man nako pag-inquire?
wala na lain kung dili english lang, kay mobalik raman siya diri kno after 6 mos lang daw cya diha, ayaw nya more ani.

Akoa, kay sa magstandby cya diri dili ba?...gusto man kim dha sa while staying there, di pasok school cya or have tutor for english ra gyd.

ayaw ko tutor, kay basin iya ra ingnon or say unya ra-tutor.

whereas kung sa SU cya, i know strict then SU is the best gyd.

Please can you tell me some advice or any clues unsaon ug pwede ba?

cgi, mobalik ra ko ha? hope ok nimo ako pls sa imoa.

asa nako basahon sa site sa SU about this?

pwede kaha si Kim ug unsa ang mga requierements.

thanks daan ha?

diay, duna bya pics., si kim year,2005 inyo SU founders day....katkat siya adto inyoa ....unsa na name uy....

tapos nagpatattoo pd cya...balik na lang mi diri wla pa gyd makuha bisan kapila na siya kaligo.

proud pa cya pakita sa iya friends n cmates nga gama SU students lang ug barato pa kono, 5psos ra siguro to.....

sigi, dr, ness giduka na gyd ko, kapoy kaayo mangita ug kamote

bitaw wrks ko wholeday kay ako agalon naa diha pinas for 3 wks....1 wk na lang dia na cya....hay thanks, kapoy kaayo tindog sa

good night.......pls, pag may time ka tell me, pls unsaon kung gusto namo si kim dha ha?

thanks daan........rgds

ness said...

yes kim can enrol sa silliman taking up english subjects only during the summer (april to may) or regular semester (june to mid october) or second semester (november to mid march). or she can have a private tutor for whatever months na puede siya.

i'm thinking, if she stays here for 6 months and she enrols in a full course semester (21 units) she might just enjoy it so much she'll want to stay the entire four year college course! we have a lot of foreign/half foreign students here.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

thank you dr, ness.

kim have still a yr, tapos na siya sa july.2009,
mao ni amo plano, kung dili siya ka kita ug place for practicum at the same time, school pod.

moanha nalang cya dha, to learn, english n bisaya lang kono.

kay uban iya friends n c-mates, mangadto sa USA,Canada and Australia, pra lang to improve their english.

thanks kaayo ha?