Friday, June 27, 2008

my oh my muay thai





Jab. Jab.


Left hook.

Right uppercut.

Huhh. Huhh. Hmmphh.

Oh, yeah. That's what Jaja, Jinjun and I have been doing this afternoon. We went to the Muay Thai gym along Meciano Road, just down the street where I grew up. And we had such a super great time, I am campaigning for everybody to go find a similar gym tomorrow, wherever you are! It is such a fun way to keep fit and work out aggressions and frustrations. ;p

Here are some sample moves:


right upper cut


Bone MD said...

Ouch!You really into Muay Thai Ness?! I guess your surgeon must be worried about having to pick bad jokes now...

Yep, its one of a kind fitness "module"!

Ness said...

Haha BoneDoc, we do hear all kinds of jokes in the OR and we just let the bad ones slide, you know. ;p

As we grow older, the more we need to keep fit, physically, mentally, at iba pang mga -ly! Learn self-defense, why not, di ba?