Wednesday, July 2, 2008


After three muay thai sessions and much bravado, time for a confession. My body is muy doloroso. Sakeeet.

And I actually have a looong reading assignment. The Odyssey, no less. Isn't there a Brad Pitt movie around...?

And I haven't finished checking the long exam of my students.

Alas, I will bid you adieu, for now.

A cellphone sunset, taken last week, before typhoon Frank battered the country.


Kittymama said...

Doc Ness, hope you're feeling much better. :-) A massage would be great just now, wouldn't it?

And as for The Odyssey, no such luck with Brad Pitt. (He was in 2004's Troy.) But there is a 1997 tv miniseries with Armand Asante as Odysseus (available on DVD). Not as hunky as Brad but Armand's got his own charm, heehee.~♥Kittymama

ness said...

Yes, Kittymama, the spa does becon! But for now I'm afraid even the masseuse's touch would hurt so I'll wait a while for the muscle sore to ease up a bit...THEN I will indulge!

And thanks for the tip re Asante, I will check that out. :-)

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

ako bya na idol bradpitttttt

gwapo sa?

sus ko pamaol sakit kaayo....apil2x ko sauna linya 30pako ug aerobito, sus ko, giagwanta kay gusto gut-figur,

karon ach doy, bahala na uy, basta kaon gyd ko....hehehe