Tuesday, July 1, 2008

june gone already?

That was a fast month. Where did it go?!

Here and there:

1. Back to school!

As a teacher: teaching physiology at the medical school. I've been teaching this subject for several years already yet every semester I have to study all over again, find new ways to teach the same old topics. Not too hard, because the subject matter is really quite awesome, the human body is just so wonderfully made. My students this year are a challenging bunch. Bright kids, they are. There are several cum laudes and a magna cum laude in class. They learn like sponges.

As a student: taking up World Literature and Tradition of Poetry. Again. Took these subjects last year but I re-enrolled in the same subjects this sem. Why? 'Ala lang. Type ko lang. I have this feeling that the English department just humors me, kung ano ang gusto kong i-enrol, they just let me be. Maybe they think I am just a "joke only" student. Well, maybe I am. Some things we shouldn't take too seriously, right? I'm having the time of my life though. Literature just fascinates me.

2. Crafts team

We made different kinds of candles this month. We're going to make tile mosaic projects, too. My friends have started theirs: a wall mural/table top fish-in-the-water masterpiece by Ted, a mirror by Jinjun, a vase for Vicky, and for me, I'm planning to make several hotplates to give as gifts. My materials are all ready but I haven't actually started yet because of...

3. Muay Thai! Yaahhhh!! This is my new love. I bought a new skipping rope for warming up and a hand wrap, to protect my hand bones from injury during our pad exercises. Waaahhh!

4. Drama workshop. Oh, yeah. We're going to have one this coming Friday and Saturday. Emote, emote, emote, drama kings and queens.

5. Frenzied planning for upcoming SU founder's day and grand high school reunion in August.

6. Other things not mentioned here, let them remain unmentioned. ;p

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Vk-mahalkaayo said...

dali ra kaayo ang adlaw-oras sa?

july na pod....

happy summer........