Saturday, August 23, 2008

the batch with two themes

It all began with Mitch. Early on he said it would be very nice if our reunion had a theme. At first nobody minded his suggestion but when it was time to make our banner, everybody realized that the banner should reflect the theme so if we didn't have a theme then what would we put on our banner?!

And so the lively search for a theme began. A lot of creative and some corny, some baduy and some outrightly risque (not published in my general patronage weblog!) ideas came. Much to our delight and confusion. I was in a quandary and was totally lost as to which theme to choose. Luckily for our batch, we have a very decisive leader, Abbe, who laid down the bottom line. Which is, we're going to have fun this reunion and if having two themes will confuse the audience, we decided that we will not care. Foremost was that we wanted to keep the two themes as the two are actually reflective of the duality of our natures. There's the serious side to us and there's the funny side, even if it's baduy or bordering on inanity.

After much ado, we had three banners made, two vertical and one horizontal.

This is the vertical banner with the bold words Still Solid After 30 Years to showcase how our batch has remained united and has grown even more bonded as the years went by.

That's (l-r) Joey, Marie and John beaming with pride.

And here's the horizontal banner which as you can see has a red rectangle which I photoshopped over the naughty text. Just look at the faces of the people and imagine the shrieks that filled Shakey's when the banner was unveiled last Wednesday night.

(CW) Kaye, Chona, Marie, Leolyn, Debonaire, Cheryl, Jocelyn, Zenovia

This picture below is quite telling of what the above banner says. See what the Joey and Deb are pointing at? Before the night was over, we had new names for the batch mates: the boys are called "Sizzling" and the girls are called "Hotties". Oh, these are all in jest. Middle age is after all the time when "some things begin to change" and middle agers sort of defend their grounds/prowess/whatever. Not to be taken too seriously. Just for laughs. heheh.

(standing l-r) Miguel, Allan, Abbe, Raul, John

(seated l-r) Joey, Debonaire, Eric, Tatoy

Here's a closer look. Notice the ID's the guys are wearing around their necks? This is the prototype of the IDs cum invitation cum Activities Schedule (printed at the back of the ID) so that nobody would be asking, What are we going to do today? Tomorrow? Next day? Plus it's also a souvenir everyone can take home and wear during the next reunions elsewhere in the globe. Prototype because the final ID has some further embellishments including the printed name of each classmate.

( CW) Allan, Abbe, Deb, Joey

If you havent' read yesterday's post yet, go there and see what happened to our Still Solid banner! Boohoo. The Still Solid vanished into Thin Air. Argh. Of all the banners on display, they (dastardly rats) chose to take ours. If it's any consolation, our banners must have been very, very attractive that they barely lasted 24 hours hanging there before they were... ahh... taken. :-(

The good news is that we have two new banners made. Instantly. Whew. Thanks to technology. And resilience. And funds!


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

gi-sensored gyd nmo ang some pics. kay ako gi-click, di man

sus ka bebo gyd nyo uy....

nice duna pa gyd bond n communication inyo ka batch.

amoa, ambot asa na, wla na ko news sa mga best-closed friends nako.

asa na kaha sila?....some married daw, some namalhin, some wla na sa dgte.

diay, paulinian ko, dr. ness,

thnks gyd for sharing all the pics, apil ko ug kamoot sa inyong mga actions n jokes.......

ness said...

Thank you, Vicki, for appreciating my posts! Nalipay ko. :-)