Sunday, September 21, 2008


No, that's not my age, though I wish it were. Hah! That's the number of years that have passed since that one day in my childhood that is somehow deeply and starkly embedded in my trunk of clear-hazy memories. You know, it's like going through a photo album where many of the photos are blurry but there are some images that stand out distinctly.

I had actually already forgotten the significance of today's date until I read Dominique's little ditty that he composed when he was just a child. What can I say? Already he was a writer even in grade school yet. Here it is:

September twenty-one, nineteen seventy two-oooo!
President Marcos declared the Martial L-ooooo!
The people were afraid because of the cur-few
And that was the beginning: uli na'g sayo...

The above lines are sung to the tune of Yoyoy Villame's Magellan.

On March Sixteen Fifteen Hundred Twenty One
When Philippines was discovered by Magellan
They were sailing day and night
Across the big ocean
Until they saw a small Limasawa island.

Magellan landed in Limasawa at noon
The people met him very welcome on the shore
They did not understand
The speaking they have done
Because Kastila gid at Waray-Waray man

When Magellan landed in Cebu City
Rajah Humabon met him they were very happy
All people were baptized
And built the church of Christ
And that's the beginning of our Catholic life

When Magellen visited in Mactan
To Christianize them everyone
But Lapu-Lapu met him on the shore
And drive Magellan to go back home
Then Magellan got so mad
Ordered his men to camouflage
"Mactan Island we could not grab
Cause Lapu-Lapu is very hard"

Then the battle began at dawn
Bolos and spears versus guns and cannons
When Magellan was hit on his neck
He stumble down and cried and cried
"Oh mother, mother, I am sick
Call the doctor very quick
Doctor, Doctor shall I die
Tell my Mama do not cry
Tell my Mama do not cry
Tell my Mama do not cry"

That's the end of Magellan
in the island of Mactan
long time ago
ladies and gentlemen.


Ligaya said...


doc, kahibaw ka, favorite song baya na nako ang "magellan" hahaha!! one of them, anyway. i even had it in my Palm when I was an intern, as a stress-buster. yoyoy never fails to make me laugh, may he rest in peace.

ness said...

ay salamat, gaya.

i was debating with myself whether to post this song (audio and lyrics pa gayud) or not kay basin dili siya "klassy and kewl" but what the... this is a song that has brought smiles to many of us and i don't mind anymore that my spoken english or tagalog is visayan accented. happy to be bisaya. :-)

Got meloinks? said...

memorized ni nako b4! we did a tableau or something in high school. awww.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...


aguy, nawala akong kalaay ug katugnaw sa imong share music ni yoyoy uy....
ask kim, unsa man na musica mama....hahaha

remember ko sauna, botol kaayo ko basta history na, ,....
remember na lang ko aning musica, to answer about

nice ang poem sa itaas...aguy sakit ako tyan katawa....

And that was the beginning: uli na'g sayo...

aguy........siawa nimo uy....

thanks for sharing.....

happy Autumn diay....
start napod ug tikongkong ta ani.....

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

Taas Ulo gyd ko ....Bisdak dako....
walay nausab....bisaya gyd kaayo.
Proud to be "Bisaya"....

thanks for sharing,
fans pod ko ni yoyoy...

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

diri bya mi gabii diri, balik mi duha ni kim,
kanta mi, amo gerecord, nya kay maot man ako tingog....

gidaritso pa ko ni kim ug," BASAHA NA LANG MAMA UY!!!!

Kamata ning bataa, dili man mocompliment sa mama.........

thanks, dr. ness maka moot....

ness said...

hahaha vicki,
kamao diay si kim mobinisaya?