Monday, September 22, 2008

how to study for the board exams

Well, here's one tip: a Formula Wall, where all the equations and must-know facts are written.

Courtesy of Kira Katrina Ma, the newest, prettiest, sweetest,


Congratulations, Ate KringKring! We are so proud of you!

And by the way, Silliman University has been ranked among the top performing schools nationwide for doing well in the September 2008 licensure exam for electrical engineers.

jude, kring2x, ernie

6 x 5 x 6 or the number of years it took them to finish college


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

good morning dr. ness,

ay di nako ani, sakit na akong utok ani...

bitaw, read your comment, thnks sa visit ha.

Ja, kung you have a plan to tour here in europe,
pls. pass sa amoa, you are very welcome to us, a couple of days.
We can tour you here in our neighboring tourist places,nga dool sa amoa.

just say a time, when, then atong sabotan, ok?

You are very Welcome sa amoa.......


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

Congrats to jude, kring2x, ernie......

Congratulations, and good Luck

ness said...

thanks vicki!

someday makasuroy unya ko ug Germany movisit gyud ko ninyo, ha. thanks for the invitation. :-)
not in the near future pa but it's nice to know i have a friend that i can visit there na.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

bisan kanus-a dr. ness,

You are very welcome, to us.

bernie n vk

gandarynako said...

winner agree ako sa tip na iyan. we used pretty much the same thing sa review camp namin. the notes were plasteres all over the walls of the house, even in the toilet ;-)

ness said...

haha caryn,

ganoon ba? talaga naman. :-) so it's proven talaga na it works.

nerak seyer said...

it works jd. we used the same technique reviewing for the Civil Engineering Licensure Exam back in 1983. formulas beside the mirror-memorize while combing hair or extracting black heads; on locker doors -memorize while changing clothes; all available walls of the our boarding house bedroom -memorize from all angles; and on the ceiling - memorize while lying down, stretching your tired body and before drifting off to precious sleep. . . congrats to the new EE's.

ness said...

nerak seyer,

kboom! so glad you have finally figured out how to post a comment. heheheh. ninggawas ra gyud ang imong pagka "licensed civil engineer" ! :-)

welcome to cybercommentation!