Tuesday, December 30, 2008

at it again

Yes, SUHS Class '78 is at it again. Meaning, nagkundat na pud. Last night's sumptuous dinner at Hayahay ended at two am with dancing at Why Not Disco. And today we had karaoke and budbud time at Rommel's place in Daro.

And on January 2, which has been declared a holiday, we'll have a New Year Party and exchanging of funny gifts, again at Rommel's place. And they say there's going to be a majong table, too. Hmm.

To all our batchmates scattered all over the world, wish you were here! Hope to see you this coming 2009!


x said...

does rommel already know adto sa ila house? ahehe u

ness said...

sure,uy. nisugot na si rommel. hoping madayon ang imong callos...