Monday, December 29, 2008

ernie, antoinette and batch '78

Today is my cousin Ernie's (aka Bingbong) wedding to Antoinette and almost all my relatives are in Cebu to attend the big event but here I am, left alone in Dumaguete... duty calls and all that. I was supposed to follow them (my relatives who kept running commentaries and updates by text messaging) as soon as possible but it turned out work finished at almost seven pm so it was way too late to go to Cebu.

It wasn't too late though to attend the Batch '78 Christmas gathering held at the Hayahay Restobar in Piapi. This was an instant tapok as text messages started circulating at around 6 pm already, but a good number of Batch '78ers were there. Atit, Erlyn, Mitch and Hya from Manila were present as well as the usual Dumaguete suspects.

This year's Christmas party was sponsored by Ingrid G., who is on vacation from Obama country Chicago. Ingrid was here in 2007, twenty-two years after she left the country. And Ingrid so thoroughly enjoyed that last visit that she vowed she'll come home more often. And the very next year, 2008, she made good on her promise. Salamat, Ingrid, for the tons of delicious food we (over)ate!

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