Friday, February 13, 2009

CSI: Ang Teoriya ng Literatura (The Literary Theory)

Bloodshot eyes barely visible through puffy eyelids. Tear stains on cheeks. Wet manuscript on desk.

Theory: Someone's been crying.

Cuticles have been chewed off. Fingers nibbled down to stumps.

Theory: Someone's nail biting has taken a turn for the worse.

Clumps of hair on the dresser. Telltale strands of hair under the fingernails.

Theory: Someone's been tearing out one's own hair.

Shards of glass from the jalousie slats scattered on the floor.

Theory: Ultra high frequency sound waves, probably from someone screaming in the key of C, broke the glass window.

Crumpled balls of paper litter the floor. Laptop dangling by its electric cord on the side of the table. Printer, teetering on the window sill, about to plunge to the ground below.

Theory: Someone's been trying to write a coherent essay on deconstruction. And failed.

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