Sunday, March 22, 2009

Graduation Day

Finally, it's the most awaited day for Silliman and Foundation Universities.

To our medical graduates, congratulations and get used to your new names! (Click on image to see the rest of the Testimonial Dinner pictures.)

(l-r, back)
Dr. Yugeong Go
Dr. Philmed Salindo
Dr. Georgitha Partosa
Dr. Marikit Bituin Buquiran
Dr. Tanya Ramas-Uypitching

(l-r, front)
Dr. Julie Cabristante
Dr. Sheena Saycon
Dr. Pearl Vidal
Dr. Kristine Espancho

To my literature and creative writing classmates Jordan, Ayla, Mario and Sonia, congratulations and hoy balik-balik pud mo.

To my friend Jun Quevenco, Magna Cum Laude from the Foundation University College of Law, I am speechless! Ang galing! Hugs to your wife, Jay, and daughters, Katrina and Maika.

To my niece, Paula, already a weblogger at Grade 6, who graduated from elementary with honors and leadership awards, I am so proud to be your relative! :-)

To all the rest of the graduates, congratulations and happy job hunting.

To all parents and guardians, whew!

To my colleagues in the teaching profession, it's been a fun year and I salute you for braving the heat and the sweat by sitting at the SU Amphitheater in your incredibly thick doctorate togas for the entire sweltering afternoon hours to honor our pioneering graduates.

To my hairdresser, thank you for the tender touch and hair care advice, but would just like to let you know, ni fly-away na pud ako buhok. Duh.

And finally, to my dear teacher, Dr. Dale Law, thank you for the wonderful semester of brutally frank critiquing of my essays. I actually hope you won't get to read this because I'm sure you're going to flip with my colloquialisms and many "awkward" word choices. If you must know, Sir, from this day forward, every time I write a sentence, I always ask myself, "What will Dr. Law say? What will Dr. Law say?" I know what you'll say. "Repetitious!" ;-p

And, oh, p.s. to Prof. Andrea Soluta, my Literary Theory teacher, yes, Ma'am, I promise to submit my writing assignments on the different -isms before the deadline. I just have to make this post and yeah, uh, finish some pending Guess the Sketch Challenge games.

And while I'm at this, I might as well thank you, dear reader, whether you come visit here regularly or just stumbled upon this today, I am grateful. What's the use of writin' if no one's gonna be a readin'?

I, thank you all. Bow.


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hi dr. Mils,

thanks for sharing sa mga nindot nga pics. ....

Congrats to the new Drs.....

ang litson, na missed gyd nko....
wa gyd ko kakaon ani sa diha ko.

always gyd ko maglabay-labay diri, not only labay, basa gyd sa imong tanan gipang-post.

thnks for sharing....


f. jordan said...

I will miss you so much, Doc!
:) I'll try my best to visit the land of letters as often as I could.