Monday, March 23, 2009

Marvin Flores

It is my pleasure and privilege to have been classmates with Marvin in Lit 22 under Sir Sawi Aquino a couple of years ago, together with a bunch of other BS Physics majors who were taking up World Literature as part of their wholistic curriculum that aimed at producing scientists with a cultural edge. I remember Marvin as a non-nerdy looking guy who was quick to smile and always ready to help. When I needed an extra character to play the role of King Aegeus in my skit about Theseus and Aethra, Marvin was the obvious pick as he learned his lines in a blink and his lighthearted nature made everything seem easy.

I did not know then that he was a genius as those physics guys were mostly quiet in literature class as it was the Psych and English majors who did most of the talking. It was only after Sunday's graduation that I learned about Marvin's awe-inspiring story of overcoming financial hardship all these years. I am going to be culling snippets from the original article by Kuya Moe Atega for posting here later but in the meantime, here's the link to Marvin's story. (The story is in Facebook, I'm still waiting for Kuya Moe to upload it somewhere more public because I believe Marvin's story should be read by everyone.)

According to SU News, Marvin, who was a scholar of the Department of Science and Technology, intends to pursue a research on the anthrophomorphic principle and the constancy of the speed of light.


Adler said...

Hi, I'm a physics graduate student in Ateneo de Manila and I'm very interested in be-friending and also probably collaborating in research with this guy Marvin Flores. Do you have any means for me to contact him? Thank you very much!

ness said...

Hi Adler,

Marvin is currently taking his masteral studies in UP Diliman.

You can request to be added as his friend on Facebook.

Good luck to you physics guys!