Saturday, May 9, 2009

Manila Memoirs 6

Med School Memories

This fiery flame tree reminds me of the ones in UP Diliman. This is the view from the Anatomy Floor of the Med School. That building behind and to the left of the tree is the main pay hospital of the UERMMMC. The white building with the little blue roof on the right lower quadrant of the picture used to be the charity neuro-psych ward 23 years ago. It still is.

This used to be my dormitory along Aurora Boulevard: Medic's Home, for med and dentistry students. It's just a minute's walk (or less if you run) to the classrooms. The yellow arrow points to my old room on the fourth floor, Rm 403!

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Sonia said...

Cool.. a friend of mine went there, and we were able to see the Medic's Place. How are the sessions with the Fellows going, Doc? :-)