Sunday, May 10, 2009

night and day

There are a dozen things I want to write about but have not been able to because the past nights and days have been extra busy. So it'll have to be representative photos only for now.

This first image shows the Dumaguete Boulevard at 8 pm, the time that our Ocean Jet fastcraft from Tagbilaran, Bohol docked at the pier, after we attended the two-day Opada Clan Reunion. I did not know I have so many relatives in Bohol!

shining, shimmering, splendid

And this second picture here is one of the few shots we took during the day, while we were basking in the white sands and crystal clear waters of Panglao Island in Bohol. I said few shots because the water was just so perfectly delicious it was almost sacriligeous to do anything but soak and swim in it.

cuz Tata, toasted me, and the lovely blue southern sea

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